Sonofa Bentonite!

That’s right. This damn soil. Good thing I amended soil because look at my garden now! What to do with all of this squash? Pie. Yes. Pie. Here’s my current favorite recipe from Pinch of Yum that will help you use some of your bounty. (Note: I don’t eat cheese much, so I omitted all … More Sonofa Bentonite!

There and back again.

I’m terrible at relaxing.  In fact, I probably have a borderline work-a-holic tendancy…okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but the point is, is that this house is bringing up my issues. Which is why Michael’s mandatory vacation for me turned out to be a really really great idea. I didn’t just chill at … More There and back again.

Dirty, little…

Bubbles…I prefer them in champagne or in a bubble bath, but not in my drywall mud. They will ruin your day, or for that matter your week. They equate to full stop with troweling progress, excessive backtracking, and a hell of a lot of sanding…which basically means, mud bubbles make you want to rip your … More Dirty, little…

Troweling: The Learning Curve that Smells like Tuna.

I’m not kidding. Joint compound makes the house smell like tuna when it’s drying…and it makes the house feel damp. Humid fish stink…not a great combo. Seriously. However, it’s important to know one thing: Pool troweling is bitchin’. It just is. It’s smooth, delicate, and way fun to create, simply for its creative process. Let … More Troweling: The Learning Curve that Smells like Tuna.

Skim this.

Things are getting real messy around these parts. Our house, bare bones as it is, seems like it’s in shambles. Bikes in the kitchen, bedroom stuff in the living room, levels  and tools everywhere, primer and mud drying on the walls… Why all the commotion? Well folks, my dad’s coming to town, and wants to … More Skim this.