Pre: A Very Short Summer

Disclaimer: this post contains NO pictures. None. Ok, maybe one. But that’s it!

I know you’re all jealous of teachers.

I mean, c’mon.

They mold young minds, challenge beliefs, demand facts and research, teach future world changers and leaders…And a whoooooooole lot of other stuff that goes unseen, and often times underappreciated.

Which is why teachers need breaks. Like real breaks. Like a 9 month schedule. Trust me, if you’re dealing with other people’s kids day in and day out, 9 months is even pushing it a bit. Start and end dates to a school calendar year are highly anticipated. Standard Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks are much needed.

And then some of us teach online, where the stress might be a little less, behavior management non-existent, clothes are optional, work clothes are optional, bathroom breaks are plentiful…as are the number of students and families we manage. All of this equates to:

Still needing breaks.

I do have a very short, I mean very short summer break of 5 weeks coming up. I know what you’re thinking… “5 weeks Marianne? C’mon that’s awesome.”

Let me tell you how short five weeks is:

Right now it’s June. Well I’m still working until the end of this week. That’s right. STILL. Soon it will be July, and I’ll begin work before that month is over. THAT’s how short this break is.

So there is a lot to do. Even as I say this, I need to disclaim the fact that I will not run myself ragged like I did last summer. No. That was dumb. I will make time for friends. I will make time for Netflix. I will make time for wine. All clear? Good.

Marianne’s Short Summer List of Possible Goals.

  1. Hike more
  2. Finish my office for F-sakes
  3. Go fishing
  4. Camp
  5. Scrape and paint exterior of the garage and work shop and paint the trim outside of the house and carport.
  6. Tear out our cement barricade and re-grade the lawn to help drainage
  7. Level the floors in the entryway points
  8. Watch some Netflix, drink some wine
  9. Flip more furniture. Starting with the kitchen table and living room hutch.

I really want to add a #10. I could write something about not over-watering the vegetables, or under-watering the tomatoes, but who am I kidding. We all know these things will probably happen.

So my list of 9 possible goals is just that. Possible. I’m most hopeful for numbers 5-7. I can squeeze everything else around those. I mean, I could sip wine while tearing out a cement barricade and operating a ditch-witch. Right? I think so too.

Oh, and it’s a little dark, but I promised:

Wainscotting on a wall in the office. I love it.

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