Introducing: Swirling Smoke.

I know what you’re thinking: OMG they sold the house. Those bastards, up and left right when it was getting good. 

Well… we thought about it. Really. Slapping a “For Sale” sign up, cutting our losses, and high-tailing it to a tent, camper, rental, or anything else has held a certain appeal at times. But no. We are in this folks. Come hell or high water, our combined asses are riding this pony. So we are still here. Mmk?


I mean, what is there not to love? A nice fence, a shade tree, a sturdy cement barricade…with semi-precious stones…

I mean, hot damn… she looks good.

I kid. We are fully aware of the ah…how should I say, lack in curb appeal our home has. Thus, plans for 2017 include sprucing up the exterior a touch. Remember that business with the soil? Yes. That’s on the list as well as other equally important and beautifying projects.

So if we haven’t sold this little gem, you’re probably wondering what sorts of expensive messes we’ve gotten ourselves into now right? I thought so.

I think last we left off the house looked a bit like this…

And maybe included a little bit of this priming fun…so fun right? I loved it. I mean look…

But probably didn’t include the latest…

And who knew painting closets is almost like instant gratification…

You love my color right? Swirling Smoke by Olympic. I like it too. So much so, that I’ve thrown out my original plans of varying greys throughout the house.

Instead, I’ve simplified.

Each room gets crispy white trim and this cozy grey.


See? Cozy.



One thought on “Introducing: Swirling Smoke.

  1. What’s facing that tidy little corner chair….:)Thanks for the update! It’s been TOO Much Work! I’m ready to see U’s get that little RV and TAKE OFF!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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