Back on the Wagon: and other adult-related things.

I feel like so many blogs right now start with this:

“OMG fall is my fav!”

Well, that is true statement for me as well, except I’m going to save you from the token selfie with a bulky sweater and psl. You’re welcome. If you’re wondering what a “psl” is…Wow. Just wow…but don’t feel bad. I mean, who likes pumpkin spice latte’s anyway?

Right, so fun fact: We’ve been busy. Just on other, non-house related, though just as important adult things such as…

  • Our real life careers.
  • Getting our asses back to church.
  • Starting up my new Rodan+Fields biz (and if you need new skincare message me. You won’t regret it).
  • Slowly flipping some inherited furniture from Mike’s grandma Gigi…
  • Drinking a lot of, well…drinking enough…
  • Fixing our broken dryer… multiple times…
  • Watching new seasons of our Netflix shows, which may or may not be, eh…Marvel, cowboy, or food related. Oh, and football. As in the Broncos.
  • And staring at our house projects.

Basically, it’s a full plate. Jealous aren’t you? I mean, staring at house projects is the best! Said no one ever.  I’d say we are 3/4 finished with the floor now..but man, it’s that last 1/4…the guest bedroom, that’s a ruthless bitch (I’d show you a picture, but will instead let you know that it’s simply four beautifully troweled walls with sub-floor. Put that in your imagination and smoke it.)

I have to say, 6 months of floor leveling has paid off. Walking across a proper, non-sloping, or flexing floor is incredible. And also standard for many home-owners. We are aware of this, but remain optimistic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Why the holdup you ask? Well, it turns out we have a hallway full of metal door casings, because 1950s bomb-resistant houses were trending during the Cold War. The hallway must have been the safest with metal door casings everywhere. It’s like a damn door-casing epidemic that’s chapping Mike’s ass. Who wants to work on something that equates to a chapped ass? Not me. Not Mike.

So our weekends are becoming busier and busier due to basic life, which means, house projects have slowed. Which, tends to drive me nuts, but I like to leave the metal cutting to Michael. I’ll stick to the parts of the house that have for real floors, and get my hands dirty working on furniture.

Here’s a sneak peak of my next project:

A Hutch. A very…Cracker Barrel, middle of Iowa in the 80s kind of hutch.
And hold on to your britches,  I’m back on the blogging wagon.


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